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Global Monitor: Speculation on the Future of World Population

It is easy to understand the confusion of many concerning whether the world is overpopulated or under populated when one reads a news report on the increasing number of Sub-Saharan Africans followed by an article on the alarming lack of people in Russia or Eastern Europe. This confusion is due in part to the difference in population developments worldwide. A recently updated study by the Austrian-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) tries to …

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Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for 60 Million Girls Missing In Asia (

Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for 60 Million Girls Missing in Asia By Sherry Karabin 06/13/2007  — Courtesy There is a little-known battle for survival going in some parts of the world. Those at risk are baby girls, and the casualties are in the millions each year. The weapons being used against them are prenatal sex selection, abortion and female infanticide — the systematic killing of girls soon after they are born. According to a recent …

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World Bank to Continue Promoting Abortion (Lifesite News)

World Bank to Continue Promoting Abortion in Developing Nations After US Drops Opposition: PRI’s Stephen Mosher upset at the Bush Administration’s "failure to stay the course" on the issue Lifesite News By John-Henry Westen Wednesday May 2, 2007 WASHINGTON, May 2, 2007 ( – An attempt by the United States to get the World Bank out of the population control business has failed after opposition from EU countries led the United States to back down.  …

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The European Demographic Crisis and the Pope,

12 January, 2007     Volume 9 / Number 2 The European Demographic Crisis and the Pope At Christmas, Pope Benedict made extensive comments about Europe’s demographic decline, raising our hopes that he will author an encyclical on this most fundamental issue.  As Shakespeare put it, "The world must be peopled." Many believe that the College of Cardinals chose Joseph Ratzinger as Pope in a final effort to rescue Europe from the secularism, hedonism, and anti-procreationism that threaten to …

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A Cut for Population Control Money?

Volume 8 / Number 39 Dear Colleague: There is a chance that U.S. funding for international population control could go down, since that is the Bush Administration’s wish. Steven W. Mosher President A Cut for Population Control Money? Official federal spending on overseas ‘population assistance,’ which means population control, has a slim chance of dropping significantly in fiscal year 2007. The Bush Administration proposed only $357 million for such family planning programs early this year, …

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