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India Prime Minister Calls for Population Control, Says Small Families are an “Act of Patriotism”

The leader of the world’s largest democracy has called for population control policies to contain what he claims is a “reckless population explosion” in India. In a high-profile and widely publicized address to the nation on India’s Independence Day on August 15, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the central and state governments to implement policies to control the country’s population growth rate. “Population explosion will cause many problems for our future generations. We …

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India Supreme Court Orders Closure of All Sterilization Camps Within Three Years

In a landmark court ruling on September 14th, the Supreme Court of India has ordered that all sterilization camps across the country be closed. The Court has directed the central government to ensure the state governments close the camps “as early as possible.” The time frame given to state governments to accomplish this, however, is unacceptably wide. State governments have been given as long as three years to close their camps, opening the possibility for …

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Why Won’t Michelle Obama Defend Chinese Women?

When Michelle Obama arrives in Beijing today with her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, she will be the envy of Chinese women. She has what almost none of them have. Not only does she have two children—most urban Chinese are limited to one—but she has two daughters. Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research, says, “Women and girls have been the primary victims of China’s thirty-five year long ‘war on women.’ Women who are pregnant …

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Why the baby kidnapper shouldn’t die

An obstetrician in the Shaanxi province of China was sentenced to death for child trafficking this week. The 55 year old woman repeatedly told her patients that their new born infant was either deformed or sick. She persuaded the new parents to give up their children for adoption. Instead of adoption, however, the infants were sold to human traffickers for profit.  Doctor Zhang Shuxia pleaded guilty to selling seven children, but she remains the prime suspect in …

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China’s Thirty Years War Against its Own People Slated to Continue

I was surprised when Beijing decided to celebrate (!) the thirtieth anniversary of the One-Child Policy this week. I thought, quite frankly, that the declaration of a national day of mourning would have been more appropriate. But I was even more taken aback when the head of China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission, a woman named Li Bin, announced that China would continue to enforce this same Draconian policy for “decades” to come. Decades? …

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New Evidence Confirms UNFPA Involvement In Coercion

Front Royal, VA, 03/25/09 – Contrary to the claims of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), China’s coercive one-child policy is alive and well in the counties in which their organization operates. On March 7th -11th of this year, the Population Research Institute (PRI) launched an on-the-ground investigation in 3 UNFPA “model counties.” These are counties where the UNFPA makes the claim that their efforts have “removed birth targets and quotas and introduced a quality-of-care …

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UNFPA Loses $235 Million Due to Pro-Life Group’s Efforts

Front Royal, VA, 07/02/08 – The Bush administration has once again withheld nearly $40 million from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), marking the seventh consecutive year that the U.S. government has refused the organization. The Population Research Institute applauds this decision, which honors the Kemp-Kasten amendment of 1985 forbidding tax dollars from going to programs of forced abortion.The groundwork for this decision was laid by the Population Research Institute, headed by Steven W. Mosher, which …

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How Family Planning Programs Cause Sex-Selective Abortion, Female Infanticide, and Other Forms of Child Abuse

10 December 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 46 Dear Colleague, Contrary to the claims of the population controllers, their programs actually increase infant mortality. Let us count the ways. Steven W. Mosher How Family Planning Programs Cause Sex-Selective Abortion, Female Infanticide, and Other Forms of Child Abuse. The anti-natalists argue that population control (aka “family planning” programs) lowers infant mortality. Some of their arguments are very crude. It is true that, as the birth rate …

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