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Topics: climate change

Why eco-leftists are suddenly turning on Michael Moore

I pay as little attention to Michael Moore as humanly possible. But when his latest documentary opened on Earth Day to attacks from fellow leftists, including calls for censorship, it got my attention. After all, one of my favorite scenes in “Lord of the Rings” is watching the orcs fight among themselves.

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Population Control to Combat Climate Change?

The opening sentence of the Lancet1 article paints a grim picture.  The normally staid British medical journal reports on a new health threat that “will affect most populations in the next decades and put the lives and wellbeing of billions of people at increased risk.”   Billions, no less! If “billions of lives” are at risk–given that there are less than 7 billion of us on the planet–that must mean that half of us are …

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Secular Substitute for the Apocalypse

March 16, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 11 Secular Substitute for the Apocalypse Dear Colleague: Global warming is the apocalypse with an environmentalist twist. Steven W. Mosher President Last month, a group of 86 evangelical Christians, including some highly prominent and influential leaders, issued a statement endorsing the global warming myth and calling for economically crippling action. The tide of hysteria over this profane reworking of the Bible’s apocalyptic prophecies continues to rise, and it …

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