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For the Record

Mosher played an important role in exposing the abuses associated with China’s “one-child” policy. In his latest book he tells us that China does not have a monopoly on population control-driven fanaticism and even cruelty … … What Mosher calls “costs” were not limited to overt human-rights abuses. Around the world, money that should have gone to primary health care was diverted to population-control programs: African doctors report facilities filled with condoms and contraceptives while …

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Conservative Book Club and Chuck Colson Feature Groundbreaking Pro-life Book

Front Royal, VA, 09/11/08 – Steven Mosher’s latest book, Population Control – Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, was picked as September’s main selection for the Conservative Book Club, in addition to being the subject of a series on Chuck Colson’s radio program BreakPoint.Mosher’s book, a withering exposé of the population control movement’s racist and eugenic roots, draws from his own personal experience of China’s one-child policy in 1979. Mosher describes the population control movement asa movement …

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