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Topics: Child Custody Protection Act

Pro-Life Politics

6 October 2006     Volume 8 / Number 37 Dear Colleague: What’s a pro-lifer to do when both candidates for a U.S. Senate seat claim to be pro-life?  Read the fine print, of course. Pro-Life Politics Pro-life Americans should want both major political parties?-and all the minor ones?-to commit themselves firmly to the Culture of Life, and particularly to the protection of unborn children.  We should have in this country what we used to have: A pro-life consensus in …

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FDA Prepares Sell-Out on MAP

11 Aug 2006     Vol. 8 / No. 31 FDA Prepares Sell-Out on MAP After resisting for years feminists determined to make high-dosage steroids available to women and girls without a prescription, it seems that the Bush Administration is about to cave in to political pressure and make the morning-after pill (MAP) accessible over the counter to those over 18.  Not only will this result in the deaths of more unborn children since MAP often acts after …

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Senate Democrats’Make-Believe on Girls’ Abortions

4 Aug  2006     Vol. 8 / No. 30 Dear Colleague: “I voted for it before I voted against it”: How the John Kerry mentality has infected the Senate Democratic caucus. Steven W. Mosher President Senate Democrats’ Make-Believe on Girls’ Abortions Given the symbolic and electoral successes of pro-lifers in the past few years, Democratic politicians and consultants have been openly discussing ways in which to appeal to more pro-life voters.  They have been in a particular bind, …

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