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Turner Praises One-Child Policy as Not “Draconian”: Admits He’s “Not Intimately Familiar” with Situation

In a May 7th interview on NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show, Ted Turner, the legendary founder of CNN, gave a thumbs-up to China’s one-child policy. “The Chinese,” said Turner, “I think wisely, instituted the one-child family policy, and they put in penalties, tax penalties and so forth, for people that have more than one child. But there are already still a billion and a half people in China, And if you’ve ever been over there, …

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Fines, Sterilizations, and Abducted Children: PRI Returns to China; Finds One-Child Policy Still Going Strong

I’m sitting in a rough concrete home, sunlight streaming in the open door, the sound of chickens waiting gently from the garden. On the wall, nestled among decorations for the Chinese New Year, the ubiquitous image of Chairman Mao beams smarmily down on the room. An old man sits, cross-legged, across from me. The expression on his wizened face is hard to read, but his manner is easy. The translator sits next to me; asks …

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President’s Page: Obama Supports Kidnapping

Our own Colin Mason is back from China. His week-long undercover investigation has revealed fresh abuses in China’s one-child policy and new proof of the U.N. Population Fund’s complicity in these abuses, Remember that the UNFPA has been in China since 1979(!), helping the Beijing authorities to implement their program. Colin visited three counties where the U.N. Population Fund claims to run voluntary family planning programs, and found that they were anything but. What struck …

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New Evidence Confirms UNFPA Involvement In Coercion

Front Royal, VA, 03/25/09 – Contrary to the claims of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), China’s coercive one-child policy is alive and well in the counties in which their organization operates. On March 7th -11th of this year, the Population Research Institute (PRI) launched an on-the-ground investigation in 3 UNFPA “model counties.” These are counties where the UNFPA makes the claim that their efforts have “removed birth targets and quotas and introduced a quality-of-care …

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