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PRI Board of Directors Mourns Passing of Pro-Life Pioneer, Fr. Paul Marx

Front Royal, VA, 03/20/10 – After a period of declining health, Fr. Paul Marx passed away this morning, March 20, 2010, at 8:10 am. Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, Founder and long-time Chairman of Population Research Institute (PRI), was a pioneer in the worldwide pro-life movement. As soon as abortion became an issue in the 1960s, Father became actively engaged in promoting life, writing his first pro-life article in 1967. In 1972, he founded the first …

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Sex Education As Risk Management: Benedict XVI and the Lies of the Pro-Choice Movement

  29 April 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 17 Sex Education As Risk Management: Benedict XVI and the Lies of the Pro-Choice Movement On 17 April 2008, Pope Benedict XVI addressed a crowd of Catholic educators gathered at the Catholic University of America. After congratulating them on their efforts against a “crisis of faith” and a “crisis of truth,” he went on to tell them why American education was failing. “We observe today a timidity …

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The Apostle of Life: Father Paul Marx, OSB

By Steven W. Mosher _ Join us in celebrating the life of our Founder and Chairman on his 60th anniversary of priestly ordination. I owe Father Marx many debts. He helped to bring me into the pro-life movement, the most important social movement in the world today. He helped to bring me to Christ and into the Catholic faith — so I owe him the debt of my soul. He taught me the link between …

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