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Topics: Catechism of the Catholic Church

Center For Disease Control Admits: NFP Works!

Young women are being taught to use the Morning-After Pill, but are deliberately not being told how it works.  At the same time, they are deliberately not being taught how to use Natural Family Planning, or NFP, which—even the CDC now admits—does work. For years, the Population Research Institute has warned about the dangers of contraception. Our founder, Father Paul Marx, O.S.B, never tired of explaining that the morning-after pill is an abortifacient. By design, it ends …

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Can Good Catholics Use Condoms?

“Catholics for Choice?”  “Heretics for Choice” would be a more accurate name for these abortion lobby front groups. 6 January 2010 — Vol. 12/No. 1 Good Catholics use condoms. That is, according to the group Catholics for Choice, who blithely takes a strong stand on abortion and contraception—namely, in favor of them. They even have a web site devoted exclusively to the use of the condom, appropriately named  This site states its mission as …

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