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Fines, Sterilizations, and Abducted Children: PRI Returns to China; Finds One-Child Policy Still Going Strong

I’m sitting in a rough concrete home, sunlight streaming in the open door, the sound of chickens waiting gently from the garden. On the wall, nestled among decorations for the Chinese New Year, the ubiquitous image of Chairman Mao beams smarmily down on the room. An old man sits, cross-legged, across from me. The expression on his wizened face is hard to read, but his manner is easy. The translator sits next to me; asks …

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President’s Page: Obama Supports Kidnapping

Our own Colin Mason is back from China. His week-long undercover investigation has revealed fresh abuses in China’s one-child policy and new proof of the U.N. Population Fund’s complicity in these abuses, Remember that the UNFPA has been in China since 1979(!), helping the Beijing authorities to implement their program. Colin visited three counties where the U.N. Population Fund claims to run voluntary family planning programs, and found that they were anything but. What struck …

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Global Monitor

Open Letter Thanks President Bush Pro-life organizations are sending an open letter to President George W. Bush, thanking him for enforcing the Kemp-Kasten Amendment, and applauding USAID for denying funding to Marie Stopes International, on the grounds that it is complicit with the “one-child” policy of the People’s Republic of China. The letter goes on to point out that, “While the protests opposing this reasonable implementation of Kemp-Kasten protections are theoretical and lacking in evidence, …

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Huffington Post Attacks PRI, PRI Responds with Video

Front Royal, VA, 12/04/08 – The pro-life Population Research Institute (PRI) has released a short video responding to a vicious attack by the Huffington Post.The article, entitled "The Pro-Lie Movement Targets Hillary," was written by Cristina Page and appeared in the Huffington Post on December 2, 2008. It specifically targets PRI’s work against the UNFPA; calling PRI Bush’s "fanatical base," whose "swirly-eyed lunacy" led a gullible administration around by the nose.PRI’s video response, which features …

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China Frees Pregnant Mom after International Outcry

19 November 2008 — Vol. 10/ No. 49 A young mother pregnant with her third child has been freed after narrowly escaping a forced abortion at the hands of Chinese authorities, according to Radio Free Asia (RFA). Arzigul Tursun, who is six-months pregnant, was scheduled to be given a lethal infection today that would have resulted in the death of her unborn child, according to the Uyghur Human Rights Project. Instead, she was allowed to …

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Executive (Dis)Orders: Pro-life Policies Set to be Jettisoned

18 November 2008 — Vol. 10/ No. 48 Obama’s transition team is busily preparing a thick sheaf of Executive Orders for the President-elect to sign the day he takes office. And—in a reprise of what happened when Bill Clinton took power 16 years ago—the pro-life policies of the Bush Administration will apparently be the first to go. Obama appears set to reverse existing Executive Orders that protect taxpayers from having to fund abortions at home …

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PRI to President-Elect Obama: Don’t Fund Forced Abortion

Front Royal, VA, 11/11/08 – The Population Research Institute, whose groundbreaking investigation in China led the Bush administration to cut funding to the U.N. Population Fund for the past seven years, stands by its accusation that the UNFPA was—and is—involved in coercive abortions in China.</p > “Our investigation remains valid,” says Colin Mason, PRI’s media director. “We put boots on the ground, and made the results available to anyone who wanted them. Those who would …

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USAID Denies Funding to Abortion Group: PRI Applauds Action

Administrator for Global Health Dr. Kent Hill, has banned cooperation with U.K. based Marie Stopes International (MSI), one of the world’s largest purveyors of abortions, on the grounds that it is complicit in “coercive abortion and involuntary sterilizations’” in China. MSI denies that it supports China’s coercive policies, but its aggressive promotion of abortion, and its longstanding collaboration with China’s coercive program leave little doubt that it is not only aware of the massive human …

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