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Topics: Breast Cancer

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The Pill Kills … Again

Over the transom comes a note from my good friend, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, who tells me that we now know five different ways that “the Pill” kills women. The first four mechanisms by which the Pill kills have been known for some time.  The Pill (1) causes blood clots resulting in heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary embolisms, (2) increases susceptibility to lethal infections of HIV and HPV, (3) increases breast, cervical and liver cancers, and …

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Hormonal Contraceptives Increase Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Finds

A study published last week in The New England Journal of Medicine has found that hormonal contraceptives, including oral contraceptive pills and hormone-releasing IUDs, significantly increase women’s risk for breast cancer. The study found that women who used hormonal contraception had a 20 percent elevated risk[1] for breast cancer compared to women who had never used a hormonal method. The risk was also found to be time-dependent, increasing the longer the hormonal drugs were used. …

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USAID Needs to Warn Women of the Dangers of Depo-Provera

  Despite mounting evidence of serious side effects associated with the use of injectable contraceptives, international aid programs continue to indiscriminately distribute Depo-Provera under various brand names worldwide. Indeed, a coalition of family planning partners including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), and others are seeking to inject even more vulnerable women in developing countries with risky injectable contraceptives. Like …

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Out of India Comes Yet More Evidence that Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

My Canadian friend could not contain himself. “These new studies out of India NUKE the Abortion-Breast-Cancer deniers,” Brent Rooney told me gleefully. “They simply NUKE them!” Looking at the data Brent had sent me from his office in Vancouver, British Columbia, I could see why he was so excited. He had found twelve recent studies in the medical literature, all carried out on the Indian subcontinent, that looked into whether there was a link between prior abortions …

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PRI Saves Baby from “Therapeutic Abortion Protocol” in Peru

Through the grace of God, PRI has saved the life of an unborn child in Peru who was slated to be aborted for so-called “therapeutic” reasons. Doctors in a Peruvian hospital had decided to give a woman with breast cancer an abortion, claiming that the abortion was necessary to save her life. In fact, they were primarily worried that their plans to put the woman on chemotherapy would cause the child to be born with …

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Who are the Real “Men With Breasts?”

Pennsylvania State Rep. Babette Josephs, a Philadelphia Democrat, recently attacked her pro-life women colleagues in the state legislature for supporting a bill that would allow women a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn child before an abortion, calling them “men with breasts.” But who are the real “men with breasts,” Dr. Rebecca Peck asks.

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Mosher: “My Employees Don’t Want Free Contraception”

FRONT ROYAL, Va., March 5, 2012 PRNewswire-USNewswire — In violation of the First Amendment, President Obama has ordered all Catholic nonprofits to provide their employees with so-called “modern methods of birth control.” “We at Population Research Institute reject this unlawful ‘mandate’,” says PRI President Steven Mosher. “Not only does it violate our deeply held religious beliefs, it also violates our mission: to protect and defend innocent unborn life.” “Sandra Fluke probably doesn’t know that the …

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Cancer Survival Rates Far Worse in Great Britain than U.S.

Daniel Hannan, a member of the British Parliament, recently pointed out that “When you look at the [cancer] survival rates of our National Health Service in Britain versus those in America’s free market system, why would any sane person want to go down the same road we have.” (See the list below for a side-by-side comparison.) Unless Obamacare is repealed, Americans, too, will start dying of once-treatable cancers while they, like the Brits, wait in …

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