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China’s Population Control Police Should Be Abolished

China’s family planning police are widely hated and feared by the Chinese people. And who can blame them? For the past three and half decades, the family planning police have been the enforcement arm of China’s brutal one-child policy, carrying out the Communist Party’s mandate that couples have no more than one child, or no more than two if the first child was a girl. Couples who did not comply with the policy could face …

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Abortion Activists Attempt to Use Zika Virus Outbreak to Legalize Abortion

The rapid spread of the Zika virus in the Western Hemisphere has many expectant mothers in hard-hit countries deeply concerned. Abortion activists have seized upon this public health crisis to argue that all unborn children who may have been exposed to the virus should be aborted. Very rarely hazardous to children or adults, Zika temporarily causes itchy rashes, joint pain and conjunctivitis. In rare cases, it can cause a bout of Guillain-Barré syndrome. But recently …

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The People-Haters Are At It Again

Sir David Attenborough warns that the human race is a “plague on the Earth”.

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We’re In For A Scary Halloween (If You Listen to the Population Controllers)

United Nations bureaucrats, demonstrating their usual flair for ham-handed propaganda, have tagged October 31 as “The Day of Seven Billion.” Apparently they want us to view the arrival of the seven billionth person on the planet with the same dread that medieval villagers felt for ghosts, witches and warlocks. We refuse.

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Rwandan Genocide Redux?

U.S.-funded groups gear up to carry out a massive sterilization campaign in this tiny African country

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Rwanda to Sterilize 700,000 Men, PRI Pledges to “Work Tirelessly” Against It

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), expressed outrage today at a clear instance of U.S. tax dollars being used to aid a coercive campaign to sterilize 700,000 Rwandan men in 3 years.

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April 07 — Be Afraid, Be Very, Very Afraid: The Population Bomb is About to Go Off (Again)

Para leer este boletín en español, haga click aquí. 07 April 2009 — Vol. 11/No. 10 According to Nina Fedoroff, the United States’ Science and Technology Adviser, we should all be very, very afraid. Interviewed on the BBC’s One Planet radio program, Fedoroff came across as a population alarmist in the mold of Thomas Malthus or Paul Ehrlich. Already, she claimed “humans had exceeded the Earth’s ‘limits of sustainability’.” She insisted that “we need to …

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Global Monitor

Colombia Aborts Colombia has followed the example of much of the rest of the world in the abortion holocaust, as her first legal abortion has been committed. The Catholic country’s courts legalized abortion in May in the cases of rape, danger to the mother’s life and deformed fetus. Although the case was considered extreme, the subject of abortion is a contentious one in Colombia. Protesters assembled outside the hospital to oppose the abortion and Catholic …

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