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Topics: assisted suicide

United Nations building

UN Human Rights Committee Attempts to Reinterpret the ‘Right to Life’ to Mean the Legalization of Abortion and Assisted Suicide

The United Nations Human Rights Committee (CCPR) has released a draft document which would reinterpret an important international human rights treaty by claiming the treaty requires states to expansively legalize abortion. If adopted, the draft document, known as General Comment No. 36, would allow the Committee to place considerable pressure on independent countries to change their laws with respect to abortion. General Comment No. 36 furthermore would, for the first time in a UN treaty …

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PRI Review 2016 (v26, n4) July/August

G7 Pressured to Push Abortion 1 A Conversation with Trump 2 From the Countries  3 May I Send You This Gift? 4 Happy Birthday, Humanae Vitae! 6 The Anti-Life Strategy 7 California’s Assisted Suicide Law 8 PRI in the News 10 Development Desk 11 Correspondence  12

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California’s Assisted Suicide Law: Are Some Lives Not Worth Living, or are All Lives Precious?

At what point can we say that a life no longer matters? Is it at the point when medical expenses become too costly or burdensome for relatives? Is it at the point when someone feels they have outlived their usefulness, or are just not able to do the things they love to do anymore? For California lawmakers, it seems that their answer to all these questions would be a resounding yes. They are terribly mistaken, …

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