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Topics: Al Gore

PRI launches new POP101 episode on Megacities!

We at PRI are proud to announce the sixth episode of our highly popular YouTube cartoon series. Called “Urbanization: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad City?” it talks about why people are crowding into cities in increasing numbers. Over the past hundred years, half the world’s population has moved country to city. Megacities with ten million or more people have sprung up as countrysides have emptied out. But urban overcrowding should not be mistaken for …

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U.N. Climate Models Flawed – Grossly Exaggerate Warming Effect

The supposed threat of man-made Global Warming is used to justify population control programs. But a new study suggests that the threat is virtually non-existent.

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How to Create a Baby Boom in Russia

I write from Moscow, where I am participating in a Demographic Summit. We have an historic opportunity to help reduce, perhaps even outlaw, abortion throughout Russia. There is a bill in the Russian Duma that would place severe restrictions on abortion, saving the lives of an estimated 4 million babies a year. Here is what I am telling the Russian people and their leaders.

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Fourth Episode of Overpopulation Cartoon Series

It’s here! The creative team at PRI has released the fourth episode of our highly popular YouTube cartoon series. The latest video is available for viewing at, or by visiting PRI’s YouTube page here. The video tackles the root causes of poverty and how to alleviate it (hint: overpopulation is not the cause of poverty). All of this, while retaining the wry, humorous tone of its predecessors. The series, which has garnered more than …

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Radical Environmentalists Disclaim Responsibility for Eco-Terrorist James Lee

Yesterday at the Discovery Channel offices in Maryland, environmental activist James Jay Lee took company employees hostage, threatening to kill them unless the media outlet agreed to turn itself into a propaganda channel for population control.

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Popcorn: Not So Wonderful Copenhagen

It may just be us, but we find the sight of thousands of Global Warming fanatics and functionaries fossil-fueling their way to Copenhagen to be delightfully incongruous. We mean, here they are, doing their best to impose limits on the amount of carbon dioxide the rest of us could emit, at the same time that their planes and limousines are spewing out great clouds of the stuff. Not to mention that their luxurious hotel rooms …

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President’s Page: If It Weren’t For You Meddling Kids: Greens propose global one-child policy

Just when you thought that China-style population control, with its forced abortions and forced sterilizations, has been thoroughly discredited, along comes the Global Warming crowd to breathe new life into it. Groups from the U.K.’s Optimum Population Trust to the U.N. Population Fund are proposing rigorous population control programs to deal with the (imaginary) dangers of climate change. Diane Francis, of Canada’s National Post, would go even further: She wants a “planetary law” mandating a …

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Debunking the Myth … Again: Steve Mosher Debates Paul Erhlich On Australian TV

On November 5th, 2009, PRI president Steven Mosher appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) popular show, Lateline, hosted by Ticky Fullerton. He was there to defend human beings against a pair of famous fearmongers: Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, and Sir Crispin Tickell of Britain’s Optimum Population Trust. Both of his opponents were insisting, as usual, that we are all about to die from overpopulation. Ehrlich went first, and proved to be …

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