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Vatican confirms consecration of first Chinese bishop following controversial Vatican-China deal

A Chinese priest of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, a religious institution controlled by the country’s communist government, was ordained a bishop this week with Pope Francis’ approval. 

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US–China Trade War, Hong Kong Protests Expose China’s Critical Weaknesses: Steven Mosher

What’s really behind the protests in Hong Kong, where an estimated 2 million people—almost one-third of the city’s population—took to the streets on June 16? What do the people of Hong Kong stand to lose?

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Pro-Life Replies: Is abortion necessary to prevent overpopulation?

The latest video in Live Action’s “Pro-Life Replies” series was released today in response to the claim, “Abortion will stop overpopulation.”

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Cardinal appears in video pledging Hong Kong’s resistance to Chinese government

Cardinal Joseph Zen, 87, took part in a video protesting the erosion of the freedoms of the citizens of Hong Kong.

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Faithful Chinese bishop died under house arrest, denied a Catholic burial

A heroic bishop of the underground Catholic Church in China has died under house arrest and will not be permitted a Catholic burial.

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The CCP’s Totalitarian Vision for the World

PRI President Steven Mosher speaks with the Center for Security Policy on the Chinese Communist Party’s vision for the world. 

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Thirty Years After Tiananmen Massacre, China Remains a ‘Surveillance State’

Beijing has “ramped up” its digital-surveillance program “on a massive scale,” said Steven Mosher, an authority on China and the president of the Population Research Institute.

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Steven Mosher: After Tiananmen Massacre, China ‘Emptied Out the Hospitals’ of ‘Dead and Wounded’ to ‘Destroy the Evidence’

Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher recalled how Chinese authorities emptied Beijing’s hospitals of “dead and wounded” to “destroy the evidence” of what they had done in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.

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