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Countries: Switzerland

New IPPF Report Gloats Over New Abortion Numbers

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) reports that its affiliates ended the lives of nearly one million unborn children in 2015. In all 964,325, unborn children were terminated by chemical and surgical abortion by IPPF just last year alone. A million of anything is a staggering number. But the loss of nearly a million children by surgical or chemical abortion is a tragedy beyond reckoning. If you were to read off the names of IPPF’s …

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Immigrants Flood Into Europe

“It doesn’t matter if we Spaniards do not have enough children, as long as foreign migrants come to Spain and have kids here,” the head of a major conservative Spanish think tank said to me a couple of years ago. I had suggested to him that the center-right Partido Popular—now the governing party in Spain—promote pro-natal policies. But can immigration really make up for Spain’s growing birth deficit? Since 2011, when we had our conversation, …

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Watchdog Group Condemns Swiss Population Control Initiative

The Population Research Institute condemns a proposed population control initiative in Switzerland which is being put to a vote on November 30, and if enacted, would restrict immigration into Switzerland and increase Swiss spending on population control abroad. The proposed initiative would cap the number of immigrants allowed into Switzerland at 0.2% annually (or 1 in 500 people) and mandate that a minimum of 10% of its foreign aid funds be spent on birth control …

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Contraceptive Poison

The environmental story of the year has come out, but the “inconvenient truth”—to borrow a phrase from Al Gore—seems to be more than most environmentalists can handle. In 2005 biologists John Woodling and David Norris carried out a study of fish in Colorado’s Boulder Creek. What they found was highly disturbing. As reported in the pages of the Denver Post, out of 123 randomly captured fish, primarily trout, the normal 1:1 male-female balance was seriously …

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World Bank to Continue Promoting Abortion (Lifesite News)

World Bank to Continue Promoting Abortion in Developing Nations After US Drops Opposition: PRI’s Stephen Mosher upset at the Bush Administration’s "failure to stay the course" on the issue Lifesite News By John-Henry Westen Wednesday May 2, 2007 WASHINGTON, May 2, 2007 ( – An attempt by the United States to get the World Bank out of the population control business has failed after opposition from EU countries led the United States to back down.  …

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Stopping the Abortion Juggernaut

5 April 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 13 Dear Colleague, PRI is in the forefront of the fight in Latin America to protect Life.  Carlos Polo reports that, if the people have anything to say about it, abortion will remain illegal south of the border. Steven W. Mosher President      Stopping the Abortion Juggernaut After the partial legalization of abortion in Colombia, the international pro-death movement expected a domino effect throughout Latin America.  Monica Roa, …

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