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Countries: Saudi Arabia

Europe as We Know It is Dying

It’s happened before. Writing a century and a half before the birth of Christ, the Greek historian Polybius observed “nowadays all over Greece such a diminution in natality and in general manner such depopulation that the towns are deserted and the fields lie fallow. Although this country has not been ravaged by wars or epidemics, the cause of the harm is evident: by avarice or cowardice the people, if they marry, will not bring up …

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Eunuchs for the Green Kingdom

2 February 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 5 Dear Colleague: Environmentalists want even sparsely-populated countries with already low birthrates to have even fewer children.  What could be their goal? Steven W. Mosher President Eunuchs for the Green Kingdom A short while ago, a "deep green" group in New Zealand sponsored by the Wellington City Council got a bit of attention for advocating a voluntary two-child limit for New Zealanders.  Sustainable Wellington Net, the environmentalist branch of …

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