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Countries: Panama

48 Pro-Life Organizations in Latin America Thank President Trump for Defending the Right to Life Abroad

Forty-eight pro-life organizations from across Latin America and Spain including PRI Latin America, have signed a letter thanking U.S. President Donald Trump for his pro-life leadership and for his administration’s commitment to defending the right to life on the international stage. The letter was signed by 49 pro-life leaders representing organizations in 16 countries including Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Spain.

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PRI Review 2016, (v26, n6) November/December

The Abortion Movement Just Lost 1 My Orders are to Fight 2 CRS Activity in the D.R. Congo 3 May I Send You This Gift? 4 Scholars Rally to Defend Truth 6 Global Monitor 7 Do Not Mess With My Children 8 PRI in the News 9 Mandatory Birth Control 10 Welcome, Baby Rosie! 11 Hichborn Raises Questions 12

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PRI Review: 2016 (v26, n2) March/April

Abortion Activists Attempt to Use the Zika virus to Legalize Abortion 1 President’s Page: Pro-life Progress in the Land Down Under 2 From The Countries 3 May I Send You These Gifts? 4 Good News from the Third World 6 Latin American Page 7 Indiana Lawmakers Introduce Heartbeat Law 8 PRI in the News 10 Development Desk 11 Correspondence 12

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Hillary Clinton in Lima Pushes Abortion, Gay Agenda

Latin America has many problems, but these seem to be taking a back seat to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s full-throated promotion of abortion and other leftist causes. Vol. 12/No. 15 From June 6 to June 8 of this year, Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS) met in Lima, Peru, and declared once again their “commitment to peace, security and cooperation” among its members. The reality is quite different. Those who look …

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From the Countries

PRI to Make Strategic Presentation at Upcoming Vatican-Sponsored Family Summit Carlos Beltramo, PRI’s European representative, recently met with Vatican representatives to discuss the upcoming Sixth Meeting of the Families of the World, which will take place in Mexico City from January 13-19, 2008. The conference is being organized by the Pontifical Council for the Family and will focus on life and family issues, Dr. Beltramo shared with Bishop Grzegorz Kaszak, Secretary of the Council, some …

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News from Latin America: Holding the Line in a Continent Under Fire

Why is abortion not legal in Latin America despite the incredible number of pro-abortion attempts to legalize it? An in-depth analysis would surely consider the historic, sociological, religious, and other aspects. But from my daily experience working in the pro-life movement as the PRI Director of the Latin American office, I would say that the real reason abortion is not legal in Latin American is people. Extraordinary persons are doing an extraordinary job holding the …

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Preserving Parental Rights in Panama

31 December 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 48 Dear Colleague, We report today on a pro-life victory in Panama, where PRI assisted local pro-lifers in turning back a UNFPA-sponsored attack upon the family. Happy New Year! Steven W. Mosher Preserving Parental Rights in Panama Three months ago, a couple from Panama contacted the PRI Latin America office in Lima. Mr. and Mrs. Juan Francisco and Gabriela De la Guardia had heard about the strategic support …

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The Poisoning of America

18 June 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 21 The Poisoning of America:   China’s Food and Drugs are Unsafe at any Price The news that Chinese toothpaste brands sold in Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Australia contained diethylene glycol, a highly toxic chemical used in engine coolants, came as a shock to U.S. health officials.  It shouldn’t have. China, as anyone who has lived there knows, has virtually no safety controls on food and drugs.  At …

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