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Sex-Selection, Forced Abortion Are Happening Here in the United States

Many women today living in immigrant communities in the United States face discrimination, mistreatment, or resentment from family members if they fail to bear a son. Disproportionately girls are being targeted for abortion in some parts of these communities. The choice to abort is a coerced one, more often than not one pushed by husbands or female in-laws. The pressure is so strong that some women are being are forced to abort their daughters against …

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Prohibiting Sex-Selective Abortion in America

Current Efforts to Prohibit Sex-Selective Abortion in America The following eight states have passed laws prohibiting sex-selective abortions: Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. Numerous other states have put forward legislation to prohibit abortions based on the sex of the fetus. Federal Legislation In January of 2015, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2015 (PRENDA) was introduced and referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. PRENDA prohibits sex-selective abortions, as well as …

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Legislation Banning Sex Selective Abortion Gains Momentum

The 31 May vote on PreNDA was a Pyrrhic victory—for the pro-abortion movement. You would think that any piece of legislation that wins a 246-168 majority of the votes of the House of Representatives would be on a fast track to become law. Passing pro-life legislation though, whether it be the earlier ban on partial-birth abortion, or the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PreNDA)–a bill to make it unlawful to perform or coerce a sex-selection abortion–is never …

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Infanticide on Demand?

And now comes an article, entitled “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” which flatly argues in favor of infanticide.

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From the Countries

Planned Parenthood Facility Director Has Change of Heart: Joins Pro-Life Group In a remarkable turn of events Abby Johnson, from Bryan, Texas, quit her job as director of the local Planned Parenthood clinic and joined Coalition for Life. In an interview with KBTX TV Johnson credits her conversion to witnessing an ultrasound of an abortion in progress. Worried by Planned Parenthood’s response to the recession (“Abortion is where the money is. Perform more of them.”), …

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July 20 — Drive to Ban Sex-Selective Abortion Gaining Momentum

20 July 2009 — Vol. 12/No. 21 On September 23, 2008, Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona introduced a bill.  Its purpose seemed straightforward and its cause universal: put an end to the wholesale killing of little girls whose only crime was that they were little girls.  One might have thought that this bill would have garnered universal support, with everyone from radical feminists to conservative Christians clamoring for its passage. The problem was that this …

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