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Colin Mason, Media Director for the Population Research Institute (PRI), reacted to a recent Financial Post article which called for a world-wide adoption of China’s one-child policy by saying that its implementation would be suicidal…

…“The repeated attempts of certain environmentalists to link climate change directly to human population would be laughable, if it had not already led to such horrendous practices as China’s one-child policy,” Mason told CNA. “As someone who has done extensive, ground-level research on the one-child policy, I can personally attest to the fact that China is neither greener nor happier as a result.”

“Worldwide one-child policy ‘worse than madness,’ says PRI media director,” Indian Catholic, December 14 2009,’worse-than-madness,-’-says-PRI-media-director

“What Reggie Littlejohn will learn [about Planned Parenthood and NARAL’s concern for women’s rights in China] is what Steven W. Mosher learned more than 25 years ago. Steve Mosher was a young researcher from Stanford University. He was studying village life in rural China.

“Then, Steve was ‘pro-choice.’ But he discovered — in fact he was the first Westerner to discover — the way pregnant Chinese women were rounded up, thrown roughly into open trucks, hauled off to abortion centers by Communist Party cadres, and yelled at and stressed until they agreed to have abortions.

“Steve was shocked by this denial of choice to these women. So he went public. He wrote about this story. He was promptly thrown Out of China. And Beijing threatened Stanford University: If you want to send any more graduate students to China, you had better expel Steve Mosher. Stanford, you’ll remember, was the home of Jesse Jackson-led demonstrations in which student protesters chanted: ‘Hey hey, Ho ho, Western Civ has got to go.’ Western Civilization was expelled from Stanford and so was Stephen Mosher. He was found to have violated rules passed by the Stanford faculty senate after he departed for China.

“Steve Mosher thought Planned Parenthood and NARAL would rise to his defense. They didn’t.”

Ken Blackwell, “What Reggie Littlejohn Will Learn,” The American Spectator, November 13 2009,

“What Steven Mosher, an analytical kind of guy who has followed this closely (and has helped me immensely) calls The Crutape Letters (the leaked e-mails of 10 days ago) provide an indication that some scientists may have folded under pressure and provided the showboat rising curves and data that the politicians needed so badly. I do not think it would be easy to say no to Al Gore. He looks like a bully. They probably looked at it as sort of shorthand — they believed that the final results of data examination would replicate these curves, so giving the politicians what they wanted was just jumping the gun a little.”

Thomas Fuller, “Global warming and cotton candy,”, November 28, 2009,

“Planned Parenthood may call itself a non-profit but the numbers don’t lie; abortion is a big business,” said Colin Mason, Director of Media Production for the Population Research Institute to CNA.

“Planned Parenthood talks the talk on ‘wanting to reduce abortions’ but that is actually the last thing they want. Why would they? Abortions are their bread and butter. When rates drop, Planned Parenthood feels the heat, as we’re seeing now.” When asked if their financial difficulties are among the reasons that Planned Parenthood is working so hard to ensure federally-funded abortions in the new health care reform, Mason told CNA that “it is likely that this particularly strong push is a result of their slashed revenues.”

“As abortion becomes more and more unpopular, Planned Parenthood suffers. Federal funding ensures a reliable budget.”

Mason continued to tell CNA that “Planned Parenthood is beginning to have an odor of disreputability, and is losing funding at the state and local level as a result. They are shrouded in scandals that seem to pop up at every turn, from their proven practice of covering up statutory rape, to their willingness to accept racist donations.”

“It is telling,” said Mason, “that major companies like Target, who used to give to Planned Parenthood, have ceased. Planned Parenthood is beginning to develop a ‘creep factor,’ which takes its toll on revenue and patronage.”

Ultimately, Mason believes that “Americans are becoming more and more uncomfortable with the entire idea of abortion and that is one of the biggest reasons why America’s biggest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, is starting to see a massive fall-off”

“It is our hope,” Mason told CNA, “that, just as the ovens of Auschwitz stand empty now as a public memorial to millions of slain Jews, so someday Planned Parenthood’s clinics will stand empty to remind us of the countless babies sacrificed in the name of ‘choice.’”

“Planned Parenthood struggling financially, Harvard study finds,” Catholic News Agency, December 4, 2009,

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