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I am a stay at home mother of two young, treasured children (and, God willing, many more). My husband and I just converted from evangelicalism and joined the Catholic Church at Easter of this year. We have been pro-life for several years, but it has not been until coming into communion with Rome that we have truly given the issue the attention it deserves.

I receive the PRI newsletters in my e-mail and would like to let you know how appreciative I am for your work. This latest video you released is an effective tool to counteracting the Culture of Death that is so prevalent in every area of our society. I have been convinced of the overpopulation myth for quite some time and I hope that with efforts like yours, the message will reach many and minds (as well as hearts) will be converted. I helped to share the message by posting the video on my blog.

Again, thank you for your persistence and perseverance in these troubling times.

God bless you always,

Erika R.

Bozeman, MT

Dear Steve,

I was so surprised to read in our local Naples Daily News an article “World Faces a Shortage of Babies” by David Young, Scripps Howard News Service. He states that there is no longer a population explosion but an implosion. Also that in 60 nations the fertility rate is already below replacement levels. Well, Steve, you have been saying this for so long and nobody believed it! Of course, I am sure very few have read this article and will still be believing in the pop explosion! I, for one, am keeping this article.

— Jo An C.

Naples, FL

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