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Editor's Note: Lori's letter to the editor was written to the Everett Herald. It is in response to several letters complaining about overpopulation and a large family that is on TV. Right on, Lori!

I am writing in response to the recent letters about world overpopulation, Overpopulation is a myth! Most countries around the world are not even reproducing at replacement level. Europe's population is rapidly aging and there are not enough young people to support the elderly. After 30 years of a one-child policy, the young men in China who would like to get married are noticing that there is a shortage of young women.

Rather than trying to reduce the number of children in Africa, let us put our energy toward solving the economic problems in developing countries. I would recommend reading the book “Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits” by Steven W Mosher. He is the President of the Population Research Institute and has spent many years researching this issue. The web address is

Let us not forget that children are a blessing—a gift from God. Each child has unique gifts and has something positive to add to our world. Let us welcome children with open arms and be thankful that we live in a country that gives us the freedom to welcome new life.

Lori W, WA

Steve: I hear you on the radio more and more, especially on EWTN, but I really like your weekly insights. I hope you don't mind me borrowing your thinking you have a nice way of cutting to the chase.

At the end of February, Maternal Life International is on its way to initiate a safe birthing program in Sierra Leone, where 1-in-6 women has a lifetime risk of dying in childbirth. It's l-in-4,400 for developed countries, I believe, which makes this the largest statistical discrepancy in medical care (if that phrase makes any sense, but it sounds good), Since we are small and pro-life, MLI doesn't get any federal money to train docs, nurses and midwives in safe birthing techniques. Nor do we receive federal money for equipment and medicines to save women and babies in difficult birth circumstances. However, with the rollback of the Mexico City accord, US. taxpayers fund … well, you know the answer. Where we work, our in-country partners think the U.S. is nuts.

Cort Freeman, Executive Director

Maternal Life International

Editor's Note: Patricia wrote this letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Re: Family planning groups grateful for aid (Feb. 1, 2009)

The media disclosed that former President Clinton's foundation has received millions of dollars over the past eight years for his vision of humanitarian causes, at least in part. Additionally, there are scores of celebrities and other wealthy private citizens with mega bucks for liberal causes of their choosing, So why must our government violate the consciences of its pro-life citizens and confiscate their hard-earned wages by underwriting promotion of abortion, beyond our borders, no less?

Yet, this isn't about hard-pressed clinics in the slums of Africa but the international indoctrination of a controversial ideology. Worse, regardless of where one stands on the issue of contraception and abortion, any national public policy that funds death stamps the ugly American image on foreign soil for generations to come. Vi/e should be only and always about the business of life.

Patricia H, NV

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